Pulmonary Rehab A Breath of Fresh Air

After undergoing a series of tests, winter visitor Peggy Hobson learned that she was on the borderline of having to go on oxygen because of COPD, a lung disease that makes it difficult to breathe. Her doctor recommended that she enter YRMC’s pulmonary rehab program. “When I first got there, they put me on the treadmill, which was absolutely flat, and I thought I’d die in five minutes,” she laughs. 

Peggy stuck with the program and her oxygen levels improved significantly. She now does 20 minutes on the treadmill and 20 minutes on an exercise bike followed by a work out with weights. Her significant other, Bob Bogard, joins her as a Fit for Life maintenance patient. 

“We really look forward to it,” Peggy says. “My schedule is so busy because we bowl one day, we golf another day and we work out at the rehab center two days every week. I also just got through with a shuffleboard tournament, so we stay pretty active. Connie at the rehab center gets a kick out of us. She thinks we’re in pretty good shape for our age.” 

Peggy knows other people who are on oxygen and constantly in and out of the hospital because of COPD. She is thankful to have avoided that fate. “I always tell everybody that this program has just done wonders for me.”